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A Bit About Me

Jazz'e Walker 

Owner / CEO

Surprisingly I did not go to school for cleaning homes or commercial spaces. However, I have enjoyed cleaning since a child so I turned it into a business. I'm happy with the direction Lusso Clean is headed in. I'm actually an artist with many talents such as concept creating ,drawing, planning, sketching etc. Currently I have my degree in business management and going after my masters in Architect design and development . By 2027 with Gods permission  I will have a full functioning multi service firm offering all building services from building Architecture , building design and building cleaning. 

I was raised in Washington DC 

Currently studying while running my business ,start ups

and completing my book.

Property Manager 2022 Washington DC 

Real Estate Sales Person 2022 Washington DC 

Masters in Architect and Design 2025 Washington DC

Real Estate Sales Person  2023  Maryland

Cartoon Animator Currently 

Interior Designer Currently 

Author & Illustrator  Currently 

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