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Our first appointment opens October 12,2022


Current Locations

Washington DC 



North and South Carolina

New York,NY

Atlanta GA

More locations will be added .If you would like to suggest a location please do so inside either form .  

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Program Information 
Children of Clients 
Children may signup on behalf of their elderly parents.
Clients must be 55 years or older to receive this service. 

Children of clients are more than welcomed to sit or help out during the cleaning. 

If your parents are  suffering  the following conditions we ask that you watch over them during the cleaning or coordinate with their caretaker. 

  • Dementia
  • Arthritis.

  • Cancer.

  • Chronic Kidney Disease.

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

  • Dementia, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's.

  • Diabetes.

  • Osteoporosis.

  • Strokes.

We will conduct a soft search on each individual who signs up to volunteer . It is a fact that elderly people are preyed upon by people .Therefore we monitor our volunteers closely making sure they do not fall into this category. 
  • No asking our elderly clients for money ,gifts ,donations or personal information.
  • Volunteers are not to take things from the homes of our clients . If a client offers you a gift or an item from their home you are not to accept but instead report it to your captain to be investigated and approved. 
  • No soliciting your personal business information to our clients at any time . 
  • Volunteers must be fully covered and dressed appropriate at all times. T-shirts will be available for sale for the purpose of raising money for love baskets. 
  • Have respect for yourself and for the elderly while showing love and compassion for what you signed up to do. 
Hoarders and Infestations
Unfortunately if a clients home is in this condition we can not offer the full  service for free. However we will not leave you without an option. We will create a plan for you and your home to be approved. This plan will include both free and paid ways to cover the removal and or extermination.

Once you approve our plan we will work with you and your family to remove the hoarding and whatever is infesting your home. 
After these are removed we will provide the free deep cleaning service as promised.  
You are invited to bring your own lunch .However , there will be free lunch provided for each volunteer. The lunch will be light and healthy to make sure you have enough energy and strength to get the job done. If you decide to pack your own please do not eat anything heavy or any high energy snacks to be sure you survive the entire clean without crashing. 

Please be very , very respectful of our clients homes and eat outside. Even if they offer you to have a seat ,please clean up behind yourself.
Free Lunch  items 
When volunteering you are representing yourself and the mission . Please respect the neighborhood of our clients . This includes no loud music or talking outside or inside of the home. Respect the neighbors by greeting them and avoiding their property. Please be sure to use the correct trash bin and not the neighbors.

When parking make sure you are in a visitors spot or street parking and not reserved. We are all adults and should behave as such at all times without a monitor . Treat one another with love and provide a helping hand if you see another volunteer can use it. All teams are assigned a captain therefore no one should try to lead without permission. 

Purchasing a t-shirts is an option it is not required. While I will be financing 99% of this project myself donations are welcomed. When you purchase a top it is helping towards the Love baskets we will provide to each client after cleaning.

Additional Colors 

Please send a text first to introduce yourself and do not call . Otherwise I may not answer. 

(202) 341.1747

Holding Hands

The older we become the more knowledge we receive. The more we know the more we should know how to give .

~ Jazz'e Walker

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