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A never-ending cycle of continuous improvement. ~Edward Deming 

At Lusso Clean, we've developed individual quality assurance plans specifically targeted towards the services we provide. Each type of service we perform has its own practice and skill set. Therefore we perform each service based on the guidelines we set in our plan. We also have different plans in place for commercial and residential services. The purpose of creating plans for each market is to ensure the quality meets the scope of work. To ensure all jobs are performed with minimum flaws and mistakes. To aviod unnessary common mistakes.We use an aggressive in  We provide service for Federal and State Governments, Commercial and Residential properties, therefore the plans must make sense to the client's request.


Our Quality of work is We go the extra mile to ensure quality.We have policies in place that From first contact we Quality assurance is a way of preventing mistakes and defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering products or services

How do we know we are providing good work ?

We provide a plan that systematically monitors and evaluates the various aspects of our service to ensure the standards and quality are being met.  At the very beginning of any signed contract or agreement, we have a conversation with our clients letting them know how we plan to provide them a quality service. This is followed by scheduling check-ins which are meetings designed to discuss all quality matters. Throughout the duration of each contract or extended contract, we provide monthly reports to our clients about the health of their property as well as a daily checklist of all services provided. The meetings are a chance for the client to make comments or provide feedback. This process helps us to know if we are providing good work.


We are confident in providing quality service, therefore we  can promise you quality in all areas of company. 


We monitor by collecting information from our managers, staff , and employees if needed to stay up to date on the services being provided in all areas of the propeties of our clients. Each workers is responsible for keeping record of his/her duties and checking in on each post . All workers are indivialy  responsible for completing his/her a daily checklist making sure all post are complete. Managers and supervisors are trained to follow up behind each of their team members to ensure the work complete is up to Lusso Clean cleaning standards. issues 


We promise our customers fair business. We understand that sometimes things may not be perfect or go as planned. Therefore, we've made a promise that we can not break, the Lusso promise protects you from bad experiences such as an area being overlooked and not cleaned, our team being at least 1 hour late due to any reason that causes you inconvenience. We do not question you about your claim but do ask you to provide photos for claims that involve missing areas.


We are so happy to introduce the Lusso promise because we love being honest and open with our customers. We believe that the world would be a much better place if people treated each other with the respect they deserve. If you have or are experiencing an issue with our team for any of the reasons mentioned please do not hesitate to reach out to us to get the issue resolved.



Claims can not be proven outside of the service day because we can not take your word that the missed spot was not caused by you.  For this reason, you are not covered outside of the day of your cleaning. Please take the time to understand why we have this rule in place. It only makes sense that if you care about the missed spot you would take a photo right away. To minimize the number of false claims from dishonest individuals the Lusso promise is not broadcast. However, it is shared with our customers in a way that works for us. Your photos must be taken at that moment and the claim must be submitted the same day to receive any credit.


  • Allows customers to receive a partial refund for a service that was not provided thoroughly.

  •   Allows customers to receive both a partial refund as well as have a different cleaner come out and clean the missed spot.

  • Allows the customer to receive either a free add-on or a partial refund.

Do you have credit suggestions? We want to hear them, please provide your idea below. Thank you 

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