What is something people don't know about you?


Currently, I am studying for my Master's in Architect and Development at an NAAB University. Once I receive my license, I plan to start my architect firm after working under a local firm. In 2023, I'll be a published author, illustrator and cartooonist. Im an artist of many skills including painting, sketching ,fashion design, interior design, architectural drawing , cartoon drawing, animation ,and many others. Currently I take commissions for home interior design  while managing Lusso Clean and creating books.My design service is also rated five star.


What reason did you start Lusso Clean? 

I started Lusso Clean as a way to pay for college. After receiving my Business degree, I struggled to decide what to do with the knowledge I purchased. That's when I noticed I had something good going right in front of me. I began to run out of money and nearly lost my savings and car. So I continued cleaning homes to make a living, and it worked. Later that same year, as my finances worsened, I received a call for a commercial cleaning contract, and I've been enjoying the ride ever since. I've learned so much about the industry, and we have gotten stronger every year. I've been growing my company by being the cleaning lady for hundreds of families, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 




Do you have a passion for cleaning?


Yes, I have a passion for making people happy. When I was only eight years old, I used to clean my parents' room every day I had a chance. I did it for my father mostly because he worked hard day and night. He would often come home late, and I felt horrible for him. However, when I cleaned his room and made his bed, it always made him happy. He would leave me money, but I didn't care for the money. I just wanted him to smile. I love my parents.



Who inspired the entrepreneur in you?


Before Sticky Rice, there was The Walkers' Soul Food carry out on H-street NE in Washington DC, owned and operated by my amazing Grandfather, Roosevelt Walker. He was a true businessman, for sure. He owned five businesses before his passing and three properties in what is now prime real estate in Washington, DC. I looked up to him not only because of his entrepreneurial spirit but because of his giving heart. He was a kind man who truly cared for his neighborhood. 


Washington, DC, at the time, was mostly African Americans with small businesses trying to stay above the water. Although my grandfather wasn't wealthy, he provided for his family and others who knew him. I remember as a little girl, no older than 5 or 6 years old. He allowed me to help him feed the homeless after closing. He did this every night before locking the doors to his restaurant. Those were the best moments about going to grampas restaurant. There was always a crowd of people outside waiting for food. Seriously the line wrapped around the corner. He served them everything from baked and fried chicken, collard greens, mac and cheese, cornbread, sweet tea, you name it. He didn't care about the money; he cared about what his business allowed him to do for others. 


I miss my grandpa very much, and I'm sure he would be thrilled to know I followed his entrepreneurial mindset. I've adopted his character, some say. I started my business not only to be able to take care of myself but also to provide opportunities for others. He taught me to be selfless and aware of what poverty is. Honestly, I am blessed to have had him as my grandpa. My dream is to reopen the restaurant with a beautiful design concept after my license is approved. I want to feel that same love again one day.