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If you are unhappy with your cleaning in general for any reason with the proper evidence we promise you a partial refund guaranteed as a part of The Lusso Promise. Unfortunately, we can not provide a full refund,this is physical labor unlike purchasing a product.We investagate the issue before any credit is issued the credit and take up to 2-3 days to be approved.


All customers who cancel their service will forfeit their $50 deposit which acts as a cancellation fee. The deposit will be billed before your service can be confirmed. Throughtout the years we have had customers cancel jobs without being covered by this policy. As a result our cleaners have lost wages due to lost hours from cancellations. Please remember when you cancel you cut hours but your deposit helps. This charge can not be refunded however if the customer decides to reschedule we will hold the charge and apply it to the new service day. Customer are encoraged to reschule with us to use the deposit towards a new date.However after two weeks days you are not allowed to claim the deposit towards future cleanings . If for any reason we cancel your deposit will be fully refunded the same day.


The Lusso promise provides customers with a gauranteed credit towards missed spots or late arrivals up to 1 hour after the appiontment time. We gaurantee all customers a partial credit and or a free add on. In all cases our team will return to correct the issue .However if you do not want us to return we will not. For more information please click here



When the customer enters into an agreement or books any services with Lusso Clean, the client understands that they will pay a [$100,000] training fee to Lusso Clean if they engage in a working relationship directly with any employee of Lusso Clean. Customers are not allowed at any time to exchange information with any of our team members for any reason. Employees are not to seek employment or similar competing job opportunities from customers. If you the customer enjoy the service, you may request monthly recurring services with the same cleaner. However, if this behavior is found all necessary actions will take place including the termination of employment and fines due to Lusso Clean will be sought after by the customer.
The customer acknowledges and agrees that the employees of Lusso Clean who perform the services are a valuable asset to Lusso Clean and are difficult to replace. Client shall not solicit, whether directly or indirectly, the employment of any Lusso Cleans employees without the prior written consent of the company. The client agrees and recognizes that Lusso Clean does not tolerate client and employee relationships and will take legal action against the client if this occurs. If the Client violates this Section, the parties agree that Client shall pay to Lusso Clean the sum of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) as liquidated damages. The parties further agree that precise monetary damages for Client's violation of this Section would be difficult to ascertain and that the foregoing sum represents a fair and conservative approximation of the cost of recruitment, hiring, and training that would be incurred by Lusso Clean.



The cleaners need to be able to work without distractions. Every effort is made for the cleaners to work safely, but we cannot assume liability for the safety of others while cleaning your home. This includes children and pets. If the cleaners are not able to work without distractions Lusso Clean reserves the right to charge for their extra time spent in the client’s home.


As of July,4,2020 all elderly customers who are both physically and mentally handicap must be chaperoned by either a trusted family member or nurse. We will not clean nor provide any of our services to elderly customers under these conditions. If you are in need of cleaning for your elderly relatives, please know you will have the responsibility to show up for every cleaning to make sure that they are well taken care of. We are not nurses or caretakers and will not be responsible for any accidents related to elderly customers.


Children are to remain with the parent or guardian at all times during the cleaning. If the customer is a loyal customer with recurring services, this may not be as easy to follow if the maids are around at specific times of the day. However, we strongly recommend keeping the children in one room or one area of the home with you while the cleaning is being provided. This is in place to protect your child from harm caused by chemicals or freak accidents during cleaning or any other service.


​ Our team members are friendly and loving however they are not professionally trained in childcare. It is your responsibility as the legal guardian to protect the child in all situations. Please do not leave your child alone with or in the hands of a cleaner male or female. If this situation occurs our office will be notified, and we will cancel your cleaning after the first notice and all future appointments. We will also charge you in full for the cleaning. We are dedicated to the safety of all children and will not tolerate abuse nor neglect.


All pets or service animals must be put away during your cleaning. If you must stay in your home while the service is being provided, please know that your pet or service dog will need to be with you at all times. This protects both our team, you, and your pet from any unwanted encounters. If the team member feels comfortable around the pet or service animal, this does not change our policy. Pets are a huge distraction to cleaners and will cause additional cleaning to be done including additional sweeping and vacuuming caused by hair shedding. Birds and other animals with open cages must be put away and into a room to avoid contact with chemicals. We do not want your pet to drink, or touch any of our chemicals or products. Dogs, cats, or pets of any kind should not jump on our team at any time nor should they sniff them. Please take all the necessary actions to avoid these scenarios from happening.


Leaving your pets unattended may lead to death caused by contact with chemicals. Unlike the neglect of children, we will not cancel your service, however, we will provide a one-time warning and cancel if our policy is broken the second time. We are looking out for the safety of our team and your pet, please work with us to do so.



If for any reason during the cleaning a cleaner of Lusso Clean feels that their safety is in danger enough to leave the job site due to actions by the customer, members of the family, customers’ guests or animals, the customer will forfeit their deposit. All workers are trained to walk behind customers at all times during all tours for their safety, customers are asked to honor this safety procedure. If the customer insists to walk behind the worker, cancellation of service may be granted to the cleaner if safety is the concern. Once the cancellation is granted by a supervisor the customer will forfeit the deposit charge. If the home is large enough and requires more than one cleaner, customers are not allowed to walk alone with one cleaner during tours, instead, both cleaners must take both tours before and after the job is completed. Cleaners must beware of one another’s location at all times. Each cleaner is required to be able to hear the voice of their coworker at least 5 to 10 minutes in between cleaning. This will result in frequent name-calling throughout the service being provided. This is highly recommended by our training team if there are only two cleaners in a home larger than 2,000 square feet.


Customers are asked not to follow our cleaners around during the performance period. Although they are professionals, they are human beings with emotions and may become nervous because of these actions. If you are walking around your home inspecting your home while they are working this can cause them to become emotionally distracted and ultimately cause them to do a poor job. Checking up on their work and asking them questions such as "Have you cleaned this area, or have you cleaned that? " is not tolerated at Lusso Clean. All customers are allowed up to 20 minutes to take a final tour around the home at the end of the completed service. If any area was not fully cleaned or was forgotten the tour is the time to point it out not during the cleaning. If our office is notified that this type of behavior is taking place after the first notice, we will immediately cancel the cleaning and you will be charged full price. We valued the well-being of both you and our team and believe in positive business.


We ask that all members of the home either leave the home until the cleaning is complete or stay in one room or area of the entire home. This allows the cleaners to clean without distractions, also it allows the cleaner to know what was cleaned and what wasn’t. If your family is roaming the house, they are more than likely to track dirt and dust along with them back to the area that was cleaned. Wet floors are at no time allowed to be stepped on if this happens the cleaner will not go over the same spot. Our cleaners are trained not to go over the same places if they have cleaned it already. If the cleaner is mopping the floor and your child is running around your child is more than likely going to slip and fall. Therefore, to keep you and your family safe and to allow the cleaner to provide a good service we ask that these rules be followed. If these are not met during your cleaning after the first notice, your service will be canceled immediately, and you will be charged in full.


To avoid any mishaps or unwanted encounters we strongly encourage our team to respect customers' space and contact with the body. The same goes for cleaners’ personal space, we ask all customers to keep a respectful distance between you and the cleaner. This protects both you, the cleaner, and Lusso Clean from unwanted legal actions. Employees are not allowed to hug customers only shake hands if the customer allows. All workers and cleaners when visiting homes are to walk at a respectful distance behind or beside the customer while they are taking their tours. If the stairways are narrow allow the customer to walk ahead of you at least 4-5 feet.



If you do not own a vacuum cleaner please purchase one, we do not provide commercial vacuums for occupied homes. Our goal is to reduce the spread of bed bugs in homes and they travel in vacuum cleaners. If you are not moving out of your home we will not vacuum using our cleaner. If you would like your home vacuumed please provide it to the cleaner.


We operate a very honest and close-knit company; therefore, we will not tolerate the dishonesty of customers. Please be honest with the size of your home by providing us with the correct square footage. We take the responsibility of searching your home online using the address provided. Please do not ask our cleaners to do any extra work that you did not pay for, instead ask to add to the cleaning. If you would like to add another service to your cleaning and the cleaner does not have enough time. You may book another cleaning for another day. Take your time and navigate our site, learn which services are included and which are considered add ons.


The definition of an ambush is walking into an area blind sided .It is an unexpected surprise attack. This is how we define a job that is the complete oposite of what was initially booked.If the cleaner is hired to do a job and walks in to a job which is clearly the total opposite of what was booked that is an ambush.Please know that we will charge you for the full amount if the cleaner decides to leave and we will charge you an extra fee of $100.00 for this reason. Inclunding a $90.00 last minute fee. If the job takes longer than the window hours we will also charge you the cleaners hourly rate. Please refer to our honesty policy for more details.


We will be notified of these types of items if they are being neglected around the home. We ask all customers to collect all such items before the service begins. This is our policy and if such items are found and reported we will contact you about the items or monies. Larger bills and noticeably opened wallets will be identified as a trap and will be addressed before future bookings. We reserve the right to cancel all memberships of paying customers and any customer relationship we find could become a liability or dishonest relationship. All bills found will be capture by photo and will remain in the same place. Also, all coins will be collected and placed in an open area captured by photo evidence and provided to you for proof.


Our cleaners are not responsible for picking up items off the floor. This practice adds more time to the job its self. If your home is not being organized our team will clean around the items as much as they can without moving or picking items up. We ask all customers to pick up the things to allow the floors to be cleaned, pick up children's toys, pick up your clothes, shoes, papers, and other miscellaneous items allowing the cleaner to clean freely. If you have issues organizing, you may request an organizing service by booking online.


All homes are unique in their own way and we understand your need for receiving a full cleaning of your unique home. However, cleaning isn't easy and it takes a lot of time muscle and energy to provide. If you are booking a basic cleaning please do not expect our team to completely transform your home. If you are not paying for a deep cleaning we will charge you for excessive grease in your kitchen, pet hair, dust, human hair, waste and other excessive things that will result in extra cleaning and arm work. To avoid this from happening look around your home and ask yourself if you need a deep cleaning or a basic cleaning and be honest because our team will be honest with you and you will forfeit your deposit plus an inconvenience fee if you decide not to pay the additional fee.


We reserve the right to spread out service if the time to complete it takes longer than the original window. Larger add ons including window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and odor removal are subject to be extended if the time to complete them exceeds 4 hours on a basic cleaning day.



All customers are allowed to use two discounts per booking.Two discounts can be applied at checkout to cower the cost of your service. These include military discount, senior discounts , referral codes , and promotional discounts. If you are a loyal recurring custumer you are not allowed to use discounts that are not provided to you. Loyal customers may not provide their discounts to friends or family members. However loyal customers may provide their referral code which offers $10.00 off to the referred customer and 10 points to the Loyal customer. All loyal customers have fixed discounts attached to their accounts and recieve exclusive discounts inside the platform throughout the years. Two discounts can be applied at checkout to cower the cost of your service. These include military discount, senior discounts , referral codes , and promotional discounts.


You may combined the referral code with one additional discount code . Howevevr ,two referral codes can not be combined.



Our cleaners are not allowed to discuss the condition of your home during the job or after the job. All cleaners are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement for all Lusso Clean customers at the time of their employment. We serve a diverse group of customers with different financial statuses and many of our customers respect our rule of privacy. Customers and cleaners may not exchange contact information at any time for any reason. Our office will alert and remind you of the cleaners arrival etc. If you at any time ask to exchange the information you will be violating our solicitation policy All photos taken of your home or property are reported for office use only and only on-site supervisors are allowed to take photos not regular working team members. The use of a mobile device inside customer homes is prohibited and must be put on vibrate for emergency purposes. For emergencies inside the home for whatever reason, all workers are allowed to carry their mobile devices to contact 911.



All transactions made on our site are secured. Our online booking system is attached to stripes secure booking platform. Stripes system recognizes fraudulent activity and sends alerts to us after either blocking the card or payment. You can trust that your payment is secure and read more about this company by visiting their website. If you provide a code or key for entry to your home or property that code or key will be provided to your assigned cleaner and that person will be held accountable for all un permissible activity related to all entry. Our team members are not allowed to provide the names, addresses, or any other personal information provided to them for any reason the customer.

Did you understand our service policy? 

We are living in a very uncomfortable time right now. The entire world has been shaken up and put on hold. This is a time to show more love and kindness towards one another and help those in need. This is why I want to assure our entire community that we are taking all the crucial steps to help during this time. 



We are taking all necessary steps to fight against the virus. From the beginning of the outbreak, we have been taking the situation very seriously. We have dedicated special cleaning training to avoid all possible ways of coming in contact with the virus. All cleaners who become ill with flu-like symptoms such as sneezing or coughing are being provided face masks. All workers are being monitored for symptoms that may become worse or symptoms that are ongoing. Our team is dedicated to protecting all customers and clients avoiding unnecessary contact such as handshaking or physical greetings to avoid possible spreads. All residential cleaners and commercial cleaners are encouraged to stay home if they experience any flu-like symptoms and are asked to see their doctor or visit an emergency immediately. All members of the Lusso Clean team are prepared and encouraged to make smart decisions while cleaning and interacting with one another while we get through the virus. We have not completely run out of face masks or hand sanitizers as we have restocked enough before the virus became a pandemic. 


Stay informed with what information the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has to provide to the public.
Follow the outlined prepared by the CDC to prevent the spread of the virus:
Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
Stay home when you are not feeling well.
Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, then throw the tissue in the trash and wash your hands.

DIY Face Mask